My Biggest Discovery when I Became a Mother


The whole time I was expecting, I knew what to expect. I had read the book. But what happened after that was kind of… fuzzy.

One thing I knew for certain, though, was how my day to day decisions would be crucial in shaping my kids’ personality.




Turns out, babies are are born with their own personality.

Big Kiddo has always been very independent. He’s easy going and very cooperative. He even had the good taste of arriving one week early – late enough that he was perfectly healthy, and soon enough that I didn’t get to seriously consider castor oil.

Except for a few technical difficulties, parenting Big Kiddo consisted in letting him play on his own and admiring how cute he was.

My husband and I knew we had a very easy baby. We didn’t take all the credit. But for sure our superior parenting skills had something to do with it.

And then we had Lil’ Kiddo.

Lil’ Kiddo knows what he wants. So does the entire block. His personality definitely has more ups and more downs than Big Kiddo’s. He’s very smart and he’s figured out pretty quickly that he doesn’t have to do things. That’s what moms are for. Why work so hard to follow the normal developmental milestones, when all you have to do is master the high-pitched-ear-piercing scream and what you want magically appears?

In both cases, it’s a real pleasure to discover their personality, and to learn how to foster it.

And you, what was your biggest discovery after you became a parent?

Author: Laure

Mom of two young boys. Very happy to be back at work after my maternity leave with Lil' Kiddo.

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