You’re a Parent? Welcome to the B-Team.


You’re a parent? This guy just wrote an article on how not to hire you. Because you’re a B-player. We only want to hire A-players. 

Even better, he’s written an article on how not to spend more than 10 minutes not hiring you. Unless you’re a jerk who does not take his/her share of dropping off to or picking up from school. In that case he might. After you’re hired you can relax over a beer and discuss how being a project manager is soooo much harder than being a parent. I mean, anyone ANYONE can clean up dried oatmeal from shirts, right?

It’s actually in the definition of a B-player. Working 9-5. Like parents who take care of their children. There, that’s what B-players are:

B-players: most people. They do the 9–5 thing, do their job well and are generally the “good not great” people.

Since I suspect only B or C players read me, I have decided to dumb it down for you.

How to Identify B-Players in Less than 10 Minutes

You know how to read a flow chart, do you?

Author: Laure

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